Welcome to the online presence of Bedford Church of the Nazarene! We’re so glad you chose to visit us here, and we hope you’ll visit us in person soon! If you have any questions or we can do anything to make you feel more at home, please contact the church office at 440.232.7440 or by clicking here.

At BedNaz, we exist to make fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ! We have strived to accomplish this vision through three simple words:

BRING intentionally

GROW radically

SERVE unconventionally
We strive to intentionally bring people to Jesus in many different ways. You can “bring” your friends to BedNaz on Sunday mornings, or to one of our many special events throughout the year! You can bring a friend to Jesus through meeting with them at a local coffee shop, or spending time with someone who needs a friend. We feel that loving people as Jesus would introduces them to our Savior.

We desire to radically grow. Through learning, through meeting with small groups, or Sunday Shools, or one on one, we strive to grow into the people God has dreamed of us becoming. We feel that by walking life’s road together, we can learn and grow in new and radical ways!

We exist to unconventionally serve. Jesus was a servant, and He never served as people expected Him to. He has instructed us to serve as He did. We are continually finding ways to our church to “leave the builidng” and be His hands and feet to our community and beyond. Just as He came to serve and not be served, so we seek to do the same.

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